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Marriage Counseling Weekend

A Rejuvenating Get-Away

If couple has been experiencing a great deal of strife and want to spend a weekend away together working on their marriage, there are many options out there for them to try. Marriage counseling weekends (retreats) are very popular destinations and are held in a variety of locations through out the year. If a couple is thinking about going away on a marriage counseling retreat there are some things that they should find out about and discuss before they make the commitment. Cost, content, and caution are the three "C"s of counseling.

It is important for a couple to evaluate the costs associated with a marriage counseling weekend away from home. The counseling and activities will have one price. This may or may not include meals and accommodations. This will most likely not include your transportation to an from the event or any price that may have to be paid to have home, children or pets looked after. This may not seem as important as getting the to the retreat, but one of the most common sources of marital strife is money. Couples can make sure the program will be affordable for them before they attend so as to cut down on any extra stress surrounding the relationship.

The content of the program is also very important. Even if one is not an expert in marriage counseling, enough information should be found out before going so that a level of comfort and security will exist. Finding out program specifics from the people organizing the group, from others who have attended past ev ents, and from other counselors who know about it will help to decide if it is something that will be of benefit.  A couple that is more open and looking to meet others who are solving their problems may like a weekend retreat with more group work. A couple that feels the need for more one-on-one time with a therapist may want to select a program focused entirely on individual

It is important when selecting a retreat to be sure that the program has couple's best interests at heart. Research the provider, staff and location to be sure that the retreat is legitimate and worth your time. Make an agreement with your partner to discuss each other's feelings about what is going on, and if things feel uncomfortable to discuss it with the staff. Also be sure that the people who will help you attend to your life outside of the retreat are trustworthy and can take care of your affairs while you spend time working on your relationship.

These three "C"s, if taken into account can help a couple pick and prepare for a productive marriage counseling weekend retreat where they will come to understand one another better, as well as strengthen the marriage.

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