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Here is a fun activity for couples that are seeking a marriage counseling alternative and need to practice their commutation s skills. Since so many arguments get started because partners fail to understand the true meaning of what they are saying this is a fun thing to do.  No all marriage counseling has to be intensive.  This marriage counseling alternative is sure to add a bit of zest to your marriage.

First, one partner picks a topic to talk about.  At first it should not be anything that has been causing problems in the marriage, but something neutral.

The first partner makes a statement like "I like tea"

Then, the second partner thinks about the subject and any other information they assume the person means. The second partner responds, "I though I heard you say I like tea, that means hot tea and iced tea."

The first partner now gets a chance to explain their point of view. "yes, I like hot tea, but not iced tea so much, especially in the winter."

This may seem like a simple exercise, and it is. Also helps get couples into good habits when it comes to communication. Thinking about what you are going to say, being respectful when listening, and being able to clearly restate in coming information are vital parts of active discussion. Many times during fights, one partner makes assumptions about what the other has said and gets their feelings hurt, they then lash out at their partner, who does not understand what has happened.  Marriage counseling does not have to involve sittng down in front of a marriage counselor.  Simple marriage counseling alternatives like these methods will help more than you can imagine.

Now, let's take a look as to how this might look in an upset conversation:

Partner 1: Hey, it looks like the water bill didn't get paid last month

Partner 2: What? I'm sure I paid it.

Partner 1: Well, you must not be too sure, because it says here you didn't. You are so stupid

And how it might look with better communication:

Partner 1: Hey, it looks like the water bill didn't get paid this month.

Partner 2: I thought I heard you say, I didn't pay the bill on purpose.

Partner 1: Oh well, I guess it may have come out that way, but do you remember paying it?

Partner 2: Yes, I do. I thought I heard you say like that you're upset.

Partner 1: Well I am a little concerned, but let's check into it in the morning.

Using this technique when they are not upset and feeling playful can really help when things start to get tense. Couples always have a choice between developing habits that will help you out when the going gets tough, or developing habits that end up ruining your marriage and hurting your partner. If couples are looking for alternatives to regular counseling, learning about and practicing good communication can be one way to strengthen their marriage. There are many books and online resources available for little or no cost that describe technique like this one.  There are many marriage counseling alternatives out there, you just need to find them.  Many alternative to marriage counseling can even be found for free on the internet.

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