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The Church of Latter–day Saints is very active in supporting healthy marriages. LDS bishops and Family Services Officers understand the nature of marriage as well the difficulties spouses can face when challenged by conflict in their wedded unions. It is important for couples to have a chance to understand what is behind their angry and upset feelings and actions so that they can preserve their families. The Church also offers extensive on-line and printed information that help to point their fellow members in the direction of the help they need. Marriage counseling and continued support from the church is a noticable part of LDS philosophy.

Difficulty in marriages can arise for many reasons. All spouses sometimes have things they do not know how to express or expectations they do not understand. Many times loving partners hurt one another, although their intentions are good and their commitment level to an eternal spiritual marriage is high. The LDS-based marriage initiatives can often create a place where issues too painful or awkward to discuss alone can be examined and resolved.

If an LDS couple faces problems like these they can get help. No one deserves to be treated unfairly, and severe inequalities run counter to your eternal union with your partner. There are challenges in our lives and we must answer them. Marriage counseling is a way to help bring partners back into the correct relationship with God and the Church. Bringing these issues into a safe environment with your bishop and / or and LDS based counselor can help couples understand the patterns of what is happening and help make the changes you need to keep your family intact.

If a couple is searching for a licensed marriage counselor who understands the needs and views of the  Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints community, there is a website that lists world-wide resources. .

The site breaks down counselors by field, so a couple looking for marriage counseling could click that link and find a list of service providers in their area who deal with that issue. The site gives the professional's name and complete
contact information licensures, their area of expertise. It also includes a  web site if one is available.

An LDS couple seeking help with a difficult period in their marriage has many choices to make. Although the website cannot guarantee a path to a health marriage, having direct and confidential access to friendly, faith-based providers makes the task of finding a compassionate professional easier. Couples who have a home church can speak with members of the Priesthood for best advice about seeking counseling in their community.  Additionaly, they may ask for printed materials, such as pamphlets and books that discuss the over-all goals and activities associated with the counseling process in the the Church of Latter-day Saints.

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