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Intensive Marriage Counseling

Why Intensive Marriage Counseling Helps

Many therapists, churches and community groups offer marriage-counseling services, but for some couples those sessions are not enough. Intensive marriage counseling provides an opportunity for couples travel to a location away from their home and find out what is really the matter with their relationship. This can be just the thing for spouses who want to save their marriage but also have a long complex history of problems.
Different than a regular weekend marriage retreat, an intensive therapeutic session can last for over a week and includes only the one couple that is seeking help. The time away from home gives a couple a significant period away from the other things that cause additional stress in the marriage. Partners get a chance to have several hours of one-on-one therapeutic sessions and spend time together in a relaxing environment. Normally, this would be impossible to fit into their day-to-day lives. As the name suggests, this can be an intense and difficult experience, but also one that targets the deep issues that create destructive behavior that damages relationships.

Couples that are able to admit there is conflict in the marriage have a variety of intensive marriage counseling retreats available. Couple can ask people they know, counselors, church staff, or other groups focused on counseling what might be a good option for them. There are also many resources online that describe programs in locations and with different kinds of activities for couples to do. Partners have a chance to work together to identify the issues they are trying to solve and come become more connected just by talking about taking this big step for the preservation of their relationship.

Intensive marriage counseling also helps because the sessions and activities couples do can become a part of their lives when they return home.  It gives them a chance to look at themselves and the way they are behaving while they are in they regular routines from the outside. While at the retreat they are removed from those situations and can freely experiment with thing that might not fit or be comfortable at home. This way, when the return to their "regular lives" they can bring wit them the positive ideas from the retreat and therapeutic sessions and apply them to their lives each day.

Many couples that were in unhealthy relationships have reported being able to make a successful re-commitment to their marriage after participating in one of the many available intensive marriage counseling retreats. This is because they took the time to get away from their routine of bad habits and got a chance to look at their lives from the out side. After spending time away taking care of the old hurt and wounds from the past the couple can move on using new ideas and techniques they have learned.

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